This 60 page pdf is full of hints and tips to really get your language learning going.

The team at Rocket Languages have written this guide to really help you start your language learning journey.

learn english free pdf

The Rocket Languages Guide to Explosive Language Learning has been designed to help you if you are committed to learning a new language, It’s there to help you gain direction and confidence to make the maximum amount of progress in the shortest possible time.

Many language learners can share a story about an unsuccessful attempt to learn a second language in school. Most of us simply had to take a second language in school, but even those of us who chose to pursue a language in high school or beyond often have stories about having to repeat obscure phrases until you reached a state of near hypnosis and being drilled to death with grammar rules, or learning an entire conjugation table for a verb before you learned how to say… Help!

Statistics in the U.S. show that less than 5% of students who study a foreign language in a classroom continue studying the language for more than two years. It would be unfair to suggest that there’s something wrong with studying language in school, there’s not. After all, just about anything
can be treated as a subject of study, and there is much to be gained from studying language in an academic environment.
School it provides structure, resources, a group of peers, and – if you’re fortunate – a passionate and competent instructor.
Language is so much more than a school subject. It’s a process and it’s a practice. It’s a new way of seeing the world and a new way of participating in it. If that sounds like overstating the case, just ask any bilingual or multilingual speaker and no doubt they’ll agree.

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learn english free pdf